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Meet Our Team

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Jackie L.

Office Manager

Meet our office manager, Jacqueline. With her many years of working in the medical field and a genuine commitment to compassionate living, Jacqueline has developed skills and practices that focus on empathy, efficiency, positivity, and inclusion.  

As the office manager for Tidewater Neuropsychology, Jacqueline is dedicated to applying her skills and work ethic to help people navigate the process of a neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation.

Paula O.


Meet Paula, one of Tidewater Neuropsychology's dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented psychometricians. With her many years of experience working with children and families, Paula brings a necessary perspective and vital skill set to the role of Psychometrician.

Paula easily engages people with kindness and empathy, putting them at ease, as she guides them through the evaluation process.

Quinn D.


Meet Quinn, an accomplished psychometrician with a passion for helping others and creating a comfortable place for her clients.

With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Quinn is committed to helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and navigate their unique challenges. She firmly believes in the power of psychological assessment to provide valuable insight and guide effective treatment strategies.



"Amazing experience for my 6 year old! An independent party with 40 years of special education experience reviewed his report and said it was the most complete report she ever read. Definitely recommend!"

Lori L.  |  Google

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